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Message from the universe

Today's message from the Universe

If you came across this message you might want to pay attention and tune into your intuition!

I'm sure you've heard million times 'if you want to achieve something you must fight hard'.

Until a certain point it is true, but this rule doesn't apply in all the situations.

Sometimes the Universe it's signals you that it's time to surrender to the process. It is signaling you by dreams, a card reading or by simply a set of numbers that is repeating in front of you by seeing a plate number or on ticket, serial number etc. This signals, some times if you hear your instinct or you just are in tune with your senses. Like you feal a tingle in your legs when is time to go to that trip you have dreamed when you where in the mountains 2 years ago, and it has arrived the opportunity to do it.

Surrender doesn't mean giving up, forgetting about your goal or simply stop taking action. Not by far, surrender means that you have to let that dream simmer and sink verry deep in the subconscious. To stop trying to manipulate the process, stop searching desperately reassurance in the physical world and most important don't be overly attached or dwell ve

ry long on to the outcome.

Dean Radin once told me in a email that I have wrote him asking for advice on manifesting a dream of mine " The next step that you need to do is visualize the desired outcome as clearly as you can, but don´t dwell on it, at least not consciously , because the "power" of manifestation unfolds within the unconscious mind".

This is a test of faith! So, right now you need to be flexible and open minded, relax, tune into your intuition and let it guide you in order to take inspired action which will bring you closer to your goal.

This is a reminder that everything is temporary, so enjoy the journey. If you struggle, also keep in mind that it shall pass. Every moment that you feel the despair, or you find yourself in a verry dark hole, remember that we are all passengers in this journey and at a point in time you will discover that you are living your dream without realizing it. It all can happen in a blink of an eye.

Sometimes it can be frustrating, thinking that the desire that you have on your mind, whatever it is, partner, money, house, career, more sales, bigger salary are not coming. That is happening because you are dwelling to much on it, you find only the negative on "no way I can find a good partner because I´m to fat", or " i cant make 50% more sales this year because Joe is better than me at seals" That is not the correct attitude to have when you want to pursue the dream . In every bad thing there is a positive one, dose not matter, the law of attraction proves it.

All you need is to believe in yourself , believe in the power that is in you and the ability that holds deep inside your subconscious to manifestation, materialize, and make you act in the direction of that dream. The key of all dreams lise inside you.

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